Friday, September 18, 2009

The gas bill is paid off just in time for winter!

In recent weeks a lot has changed for my husband and me. He’s back to working full time and we’re eating high on the hog. Not really, but things have gotten a little easier. We made it through the summer and we’re headed into the fall ready to accept the change of our growing family along with the changing leaves.

I opened the mail yesterday and to my delight our gas bill was only half of what I’d been paying all summer long. You may be asking why we have a high gas bill in the summer. Well, that’s because we’re still catching up from last winter. We have a colonial style home and I always mix up the square footage and the year it was built. One is 1923 and the other is 1918. Either way, it’s an old house. We installed a new furnace and central air last year; however, our windows are pretty old, so there is a good chance that we’re heating half the neighborhood.

This reminds me of when I lived on my own in a one bedroom brownstone apartment and had a gas bill for one month that totaled $1,000. The building was old and used a gravity furnace to get the heat up to my second floor apartment. I even kept the heat between 60-65 degrees and told my guests to dress in layers. But I digress.

With the new baby coming we can’t be chintzy on heat, so we have to expect to pay a little more than what we’re used to. This winter, we’re going to get on the budget billing plan so we will know exactly what to pay each month. Let’s hope that gas prices continue to fall and we have a warmer winter.

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